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At KanineWorld, we know that your pet is your family. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with the very best products for your dog and pet.

We're not just a company—we're a community of pet owners who love their dogs like family. We believe in offering the very best products for your dog and pet so that they can live long, healthy lives.

Our products are top-quality and come at prices that fit any budget. Our mission is simple: provide our customers with the best pet supplies possible—and we're proud of what we've accomplished!

We know that pets are a huge part of your family, and we want to help you make sure that they're safe, healthy, and happy. That's why we are dedicated to producing top-quality products for your pets so that you can feel good about what you're feeding them!

Your satisfaction and lasting impression of us is our number one priority and always will be, our customer reviews elaborate this! Check out our products to see how you can improve the way you live your life today!

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Going into our 8th year of brand development, natural product formulations and emphasis on safe for pet products. Kanine World is a natural pet wellness company comprised of animal passionate people who create innovative for pet solutions.

Focusing on the best materials and ingredients to design, develop and implement happy pets and their human parents are our #1 priority.

Our goal is to become the conscience of the pet industry through our ever-expanding product line that will help our pets live longer more fulfilled lives and get our beloved pets off synthetic drugs.

We are on a mission to create pet products that are just better - more creative, innovative, useful, impactful, natural, organic and that solve consumer problems.

King Kanine products are used in over 90 countries around the world. Our company has introduced many incredible products that redefine what pet wellness inside & out is.

- Innovate using natural & organic products that are new and redefine the market.

- Provide a new way to help alleviate issues without synthetic solutions.

- Stay true to the natural and organic roots of our products.

King Kanine’s Award Winning CBD and pet products are manufactured to the highest level and stringently third-party lab tested. We offer a Certificate of Analysis (COA) and full panel lab results on all our CBD based products. Kanine World currently ships to customers in over 90 countries worldwide.

•We are an FDA/GMP Compliant Manufacturer.

• Full ISO compliance.

• Ingestible products are FDA Registered.

• Certified Licensed Feed Manufacturer.